YSBY: You Sifr But Why?

Rahrhino 130

Figured I'd try building something inspired by Andre from the Metropole Grid's very insightful rant about Sifr. The main idea is to clone chip or SMC in a parasite and blow a piece of ice up instantly with Sifr.

Data suckers are there to fill in the gaps when you have no way of teleporting in a parasite.

Card draw is hard with 3 diesel and 3 Earthrise and recursion is strong with 3 clone chips and 2 Levy (because Ark Lockdown is a thing and I'm not running SoT).

Mimic is for Swordsman and Architect.

Econ is Magnum Opus driven which ideally goes on a Leprechaun along with your SMCs.

Modded helps you set up Sifr/Magnum Opus for 1 credit which is just obnoxious.

This is the 2nd draft of what I assume to be many - Give it a go! Let me know what you think or if you spot any improvements :)

The name is a reference to a Napalm Death song "You Suffer" which is famous for being 1.316 seconds long and is the sound I imagine every time I instantly blow up a piece of ice