Blue Money

5N00P1 683


This is my Blue Sun deck I took to my first tournament and it was the main scorer for me at that day. I was afraid the economy would not work well, but it did and that was something I was very happy about.

It creates some issues for Temujin as I was expecting it a lot, when Space Camp is in Archives you can advance either an installed Agenda or your advance able ICE. If they put it on a Pad Campaigne you can put it back to hand, usually resulting in "only" a net of 8 creds and usually there are no other undefended Remotes.

The Deck

I thought about building a Blue Sun deck, as I expected lot's of Anarchs in and their fixed breakers causing issues with breaking high strength ICE and killing with Parasite being hard and not expecting anyone to use D&D as the runner Deluxe, which was true :D I wanted to play Project Atlas to be able to never advance and with this comes Janus on top of that I needed Jackson, and none of the other Deluxe was really an option for Blue Sun. So I went for the Wayland Delux but only used a few Cards.


The main questions was, what to use as Econ Engine as you need something like Oversight AI to generate Money and Blue Sun like to rez strong expensive ICE. I decided to use the Agendas as one Economic Source, thus including High-Risk Investment and Priority Requisition. Taking advantage of the ID ability. This resulted in also including "cheap" ICE like Engima, Caduceus, Wall of Static, Ice Wall and to some degree Fire Wall. To be able to score behind them and to be able to rez ICE in the early game. On top of that as you are forced to use Assets as Economy as there are not enough Operations and otherwise the number of Econ cards is to limited thus I decided to use Adonis (great value) & Melange. Especially with Adonis you can play the never advance game, in worst case you install, rez & take 3 credits and take him back to hand. It's not a great deal but the runner never knows when to run your scoring remote. And if you let it stick for 2 - 3 turns it's really nice!

What to change

After playing it today I would change the following:
* Remove Housekeeping, to expensive and I was never sure it makes sense
* Remove Satellite Grid

Currently no idea what to include for these 3, another current could be nice.... Including Oversight AI would also be nice, but I have no idea how, without playing another deck, without the never advance plan.