Temu Whizz Sifr Edition (Barcelona "Grumpy Shop" Store Winne

CaptainMark 181

This is the corp deck with which I won the Store Championship in "Grumpy Shop", Barcelona.

Props to someone on Meteor who published this. Is unsaved, so I don't know who he is.

I was searching for some deck similar to the now classic Temu Whizz with fixed breakers, as I was playing this deck since our Nationals, and even on KOS, where it was undefeated, winning against guys like @D1en and @Seamus ( Hi to both :) ). As I saw this was packing Aaron Marrón, I immediately know this was the way to go, as some people here in Spain play kill.

This went undefeated all the day playing against CTM, Nisei Division, and 2 ID on swiss, Then, on top, Weyland BABW and Gagarin.

There's nothing much to say here, this deck is a beast. Feels like nothing can stop you. A lot of money, Sifr + Parasite, Sifr + yog.0... If you need to play carefully, you can make a lot of money and then rely on Aaron. And Employee Strike was MVP, letting me win somewhat easily (although it did not feel this way) vs some sort of hot tubs Gagarin on the final game.

Thanks to everyone here in Barcelona for a great tournament!

29 Jan 2017 lastchancexi

I play something very similar. I was not impressed with Dirty Laundry in this deck due to how good your money literally always seems to be. How do you feel about the 3 Dirty Laundry?

And yes, I never feel like I'm an underdog when playing this deck.

30 Jan 2017 CaptainMark

@lastchancexiDirty Laundry, although as you say is not impressive economy card in a deck able to do so much money, feels necessary in some matchups. For example, the finals against Gagarin went so well thanks to Employee Strike, but I was running without it in 3 or 4 turns, and Dirty Laundry allowed me to not lose the economy war while trashing things and keeping myself safe from the HHN.

Besides that, money is always useful, this is an economy game :)

30 Jan 2017 RoRo

Looks really good! Would you consider slums, perhaps over retrieval run?

30 Jan 2017 CaptainMark

@RoRoOnly if CTM is so prevalent in your meta, but it's not on mine. I had no problems handling the game, as you make a lot of money. It was easier when Strike came up.

Also, think that between Inject and Street Peddler there's some chance that you drop 2 Mimic, or 2 Yog (you still have Black Orchestra, but it's too expensive, only there in case of Lotus Field). Then, only a Déjà Vu would not be enough.