Winning Hayley Hyper Spy Lam ML (1st Place - Fun 4 All, MI)

tvaduva 240

1st Place Runner deck at Fun 4 All in Ypsilanti, MI on January 28th, 2017.

14 Participants

4 Rounds, Top 4

Spy Hayley is still good. It just needs to be faster. So I put in 3x Hyperdrivers. Also, @WhackedMaki has been on local tear with his BOOM! Blue Sun, winning 3 of the 5 local Store Championships, and making the cut in another. So, I needed a deck that can has a good chance against it if I have any chance of making the cut.

It does set up faster than earlier versions of Spy Hayley, but some games do run long against Corps that don't want to score out, because you often want to have enough money to deal with their threat and waiting to spy the agenda on R&D, while taking shots at HQ.

I played this deck last week, but hit a have CI meta, and ended up going 2-2, losing to a Hasty CI and CI7. So, I made some odd choices this week expecting CI, and didn't face any ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Wins this SC: 2x BOOM! Blue Sun, BOOM! SYNC, Off the Grid Blue Sun, Cybernetics Division.

Losses this SC: 2x BOOM! SYNC.

I didn't do as well against BOOM! SYNC than I hoped. One of the losses because of my mistakes and his great ASI play than set me back a ton. I did win the one that mattered most in the grand finals.

Notable Card Choices:

  • Eden Shard - Overreaction to the 6 (out of 14) CI decks the week before. This slot was Political Operative before, but I was expecting more Accelerated Diagnostics more than Caprice anyway, so I'm still fine with the change.

  • On the Lam - Best way to deal with Accelerated BOOM! combo, which was pretty common in this area this SC season. Also, helps against Breaking News EoI, Mushin Overwriter, and Ronin. This was the slot for Clot, but I was expecting more degenerate Corps, than FA Corps.

  • Hyperdriver - Great to speed up the combo set-up. Not really MU concern because you use it right away most of the time and the rig is temporary. In theory, I would save one for super turn against CI, but I never managed that in the 3 CI games.

30 Jan 2017 dawspawn

No Ark Lockdown? That's the only reason I'm not playing spy cams these days.

30 Jan 2017 tvaduva

Nope, it appeared that I was the only one playing it in my Corp deck :)

Ark is good against spy cams, but not the end of the world, and you have some play against it. What do they Ark? Levy - you can survive with only 1-2 Levy in most games. Cams - there not often all in the heap, you can Levy early or survive with just 3-4 of them. Sharpshooter - they may get a lockout this way, but you can get through a lot of ice with Inti, Zu, Atman, and a lot of credits.

But, if they are spamming Ark Lockdown, you have a real problem. And, losing 2 Levy's against PU makes it extremely hard.