Sifr Engine (4th, Chaos Games SC 1/28/17)

Robotoast 37

Your basic Siege Engine Geist with a Sifr jammed into it. Not much to see here. Sifr and Aaron are incredibly strong cards and help kick the deck into high gear. I feel like the game has slowed down a little bit and not drawing your tech traders early, while still incredibly painful, does not ruin you.

I pulled out Temujin because, as beautiful as it is to land it on peddler and install it mid run, too often it would get stuck with Sifr, or a Tech Trader, or something else important. There was just so many games where I never installed one. Also, with On the Lam and Aaron, Account Siphon becomes insanely good, as if it wasn't already.

Slums is a tech card. Those two inf are flexible if you have something else you want to stick in there. It saved my bacon on the day though.

Went 4-0 in swiss, beating PE (I don't remember what kind), a meat damage Off the Grid Blue Sun, Architects of Tomorrow, and 54 card Gagarin deck. Lost to Hasty CI in the cut (despite all the hate) where I scored 6 points before getting locked out behind a Mother Goddess. Ironically I had a Vamadeva in the deck specifically for MoGo that I cut at the last minute.