Birb from a Wrm

Waltzard 369

Was challenged to make a deck that doesn't care about R&D, doesn't block fast advance, and still wins. Voila.

Basic idea of deck is that with Tapwrm money and A A Ron / Leela / Siphon / Bank Job shenanigans you can run garbo breakers and still get by most ice. So all influence can go to silver bullets.

I'm still mucking around with it, but the general structure is that you get to an early lead because you are a crim (inside job, siphon, the usual tricks) and then ride the Gang Signs train to victory.

Deck mostly plays itself. You make them pay for scoring with leela bounce + logos tutor and A A Ron draws. Bounce HQ ice, tutor siphon, click for gain 10 they lose 5 and you get 2 cards. Or Bounce remote ice and tutor for bank job. Tutor for sac con if they seem like they might trash a wrm. Whatever.

Black File can be very important. Don't forget you have it. I they are about to score out and your birbs can't get you into the server, put down the Black File and take another 2 rounds at it. Often, they are planning to score out and win before the gang signs pillage their hands. This squashes that plan.

You fight green by having A A ron, and thus being untaggable with Sea Source, and Film Crits to be untaggable by midseasons. You fight Palana by having Rumor Mill for Batty, and film crit for Jinteki self protecting agendas. You fight IG with a Feedback Filter, Salsette Slums and an Archives Interface, and it is still a super hard fight (No Employee Strike makes it rough). You fight yellow by having A A ron. No special tech for purple aside from Rumor Mill, but Gang signs works pretty well on etf style decks, as agendas tend to build up in hand.

There's a vague hint of combo in Rumor Mill -> Gang Signs -> Fisk filling their hand with agendas that they can't get rid of, but it happens all by itself, so you don't have to do any particular kind of playing to bring that about.

4 Feb 2017 analyzechris

This deck is insane. I haven't felt like I've put serious pressure on the corp like this since, uhhh the last time Leela was popular.