Standard Andy w/ On The Lam (Woking SC)

leachrode 545

Pretty standard Andy list derived from Rojazu's list, only change for Woking was cutting a Casts for an On The Lam in case the field was full of NEH railgun, turns out it was actually full of Asset Spam and CI so that slot wasn't particularly necessary but it still feels reasonable just to tighten up what can be a nervy matchup otherwise.

If I knew the field in advance and was running into it again I'd probably make the same changes as lpoulter's list, sucker never did much on the day because none of the corps there were playing ice that matters and a second type of multi access in turning wheel + same old recursion for strike would have been sweet.

Andy's still super strong, Temujin's still ridiculous, Aaron Marron's busto, nothing new