Shock Tactics - SC Varberg 2nd

Elusive 1164

First in swiss, second in top2. Undefeated in swiss. 4 wins, 1 loss (finals) 1 ID.

Aaron is a real powercard. First time playing it, my opponent pointed out to me that i did get to remove a tag and draw a card, when i tried to remove tags from siphon. Blown away!

Also completely nullified that poor weylands kill plan by merely existing. Sceptical of this card for the health of the game, although it deals with BN.

Put in a Tapwrm for funsies, had funsies. Cool interactive little bugger, nice to use the extra MU once faeries are gone (or when they are not needed).

Was railgun-Boomed in the finals. Should have packed a 'crete =)