Iaindromeda Nexus Mill 2.0 (1st, 2nd and 4th in Sydney SCs)

Vicarin 132

A full control Andy deck that aims to keep the corp stupidly poor and then mill them. I took this to the Hurstville, Town Hall, and Burwood Store championships (with 11, 10 and 6 people, wish they were larger!) and came 4th, 2nd and 1st respectively. Went 6-4 overall (turns out 2nd turn Breaking News off an installed San-San into ASI trashing 4 resources is pretty good against this deck).

Slam as much of your hand onto the table each turn and try to aim for 3-4 clickless draws for most of the game between Earthrise and Drug Dealers (don't install more than 2 Dealers though, as you can't get rid of them). Rebirth into Iain in 95% of matchups, use your 12 Siphons to drive their credit total into the ground, and then once you've locked them out, use John Masanori, DLR, and Citadel Sanctuary to get rid of 3 cards off R+D each turn. Most losses will be either because a certain 1-of didn't appear in time (hence the aiming for 4 cards a turn), or because of not being able to stick a Strike against certain IDs. You cannot let Palana or Blue Sun have their ID trigger, and they're also likely to have Scarcity of Resources, which wrecks you.

Remember that you can trigger your Drug Dealers before other economy triggers, and so go from 0 to 8 credits at the beginning of your turn, which always feels good. The Supplier is not in the deck as it usually feels too slow and doesn't save that many credits (Career Fair is much better for that) and Power Taps are only really useful against people who run tons of traces or if you've already got the game on lockdown, which is not great.

14 Feb 2017 kyokorebit

Gratz! The Black File would be good in this deck I think.

16 Feb 2017 Vicarin

@kyokorebit I think the main issue with The Black File is that it's only good if you're already about to win (otherwise 8 extra clicks won't make much of a difference) and you've got Dr Lovegood to back it up. It's a bit miserable to draw early on in the game.