Project Algernon Beta

obscurica 1302

Bah. Couldn't find the Oaktowns, and later decided that they weren't worth it anyhow compared to having just more ICE.

17 Feb 2017 Jashay

Okay, so Creation and Control, Chrome City, and Jackson, right?

Zed 1.0 is never worth it. At worst, it is effectively blank, and even at best it costs a trivial amount for any killer. Certainly not worth a 3-of. Ichi 1.0 is probably a better option than Rototurret or Zed 1.0.

I've never been especially convinced by Quicksand; perhaps Wall of Static? If you did that, you could switch your card to Self-Destruct Chips and pick Opening Moves as the pack, which gives you access to Grim, which works well on its own and better with Corporate Troubleshooter.

I think you might be better off with Beanstalk Royalties then Aggressive Negotiation, as money looks to be tight.

But yeah, looks fun! I don't have a lot of experience with so I can't say for sure, though!

17 Feb 2017 Tsgstarwars

Unfortunately, you can't swap out Chrome City since you lose the ID itself...

21 Feb 2017 Jashay

I thought you always got your ID?