Empty Walls

x3r0h0ur 8719

Inspired by the other non-core weyland deck posted here a couple days ago, I've been play testing this one, and while not amazing, this one is pretty neat. Advance everything all the time. Tyrant over HQ is pretty good except vs criminal, Tyrant on R&D then. Use oversight to get Tyrant going, and matrix analyzer over it or icewall, before you know it, there is an 8 str ice wall on HQ, and it cost you 1 (assuming you've hit a commercialization once).

Trick of light helps you score out of hand late game, and early game hive helps you score fast. Vulcan pinging for damage is actually pretty freaking annoying.

Yes the only "real" tagging for scorch is posted bounty, with shadow and matrix analyzer phoning it in.

Swarm is pretty hilarious btw for those who haven't played it in an ice-advance deck.

I might consider putting in punitive and big agendas with traps to work with MA (aggressive secretary could be pretty damn gross in this deck). Ghost branch and aggsec seem like logical choices, with false lead as agenda that you can ToL score to make ghost branch a real threat (hit Ghost Branch adv 3 times, false lead away the clicks).

Try this out, its a blast.