Sonic Harmony

Seriousigg 96

It's quick. It's spiky. It's not as good as you remember it being. It's Sonic Harmony! (Place in blue sleeves for extra effect). 1jwkxh.jpg

Safely mid-table at Bristol GNK but at least the game is over quickly either way. The meta is very Employee Strike heavy rather than Rumor Mill so I thought I would try a rush deck in Harmony Medtech since it's basically a better version of an Employee Striked Palana anyway. Pyschokinesis is great for rushing agendas or finding your upgrades as well as knowing whether R&D is worth defending. Telling someone they are hitting a Snare! before they access is fun. The idea is that R&D can largely look after itself (although it needs some ICE) and even if they trash Battys and Caprices then Friends in High Places is better for rushing than an extra Jackson, plus it can't be trashed. It wins as often by flatline as is does by scoring; using Pyschokinesis to put a Snare! in the scoring remote when you are on 4 points can kill a lot of desperate runners. Good fun but needs a lot of work to be better and survive in a Rumor Mill meta.

18 Feb 2017 1337J4NK5P4MM3R

"survive in a Rumor Mill meta." - how about add some currents?^^

18 Feb 2017 Seriousigg

@1337J4NK5P4MM3R Slots are tight in a 44 card deck. I think you just have to go fast and hope. I had 2 Enforcing Curfew in a Palana version of the deck but getting to 7 points is so much harder. I did consider a 49 card Harmony Medtech to find space but I fear you're missing out on the point of the ID.

20 Feb 2017 1337J4NK5P4MM3R

inspired me to try harmony medtech again - clone retirement + clones are not people somehow work wonders in here :)