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Asset spam is on the rise again. Install three things a turn. When you get Jeeves, install four things a turn. Turtlebacks and PADs will give you more money than you can handle. If they don't check remotes, you can NA 3/2s, and also 4/2s with Jeeves. If they DO check, you'll need to score 3/2s with SanSan. Building an iced remote is not recommended.

Finished second in Swiss and second in cut of a 16-person Store Champs. Shamelessly stolen from Joey McMillan with only minor changes, mostly Macrophage for anti-Medium.

Round 1: Beat Dave Saiya, on Dyper Hayley - The only card I feared was Apoc, but 7 ICE on R&D delayed the Dyper turn long enough (the last few pieces installed with Team Spon)
Round 2: Beat Peter Cox, on Sifrsite Whizz - I was able to establish board advantage, and used Friends to recur annoying ICE onto R&D, and score agendas on SanSans when they showed up
Round 3: Beat Adam Fitzgerald, on Eater/Keyhole Maxx - This was actually a win on a ruled game loss. In a friendly rematch, the board state was too fast for Maxx to stay on top of. Icing R&D was the priority.
Round 4: Lost to Laurie Poulter, on Strike Andy - Laurie did the correct thing and let me have money and draw, but checked all remotes and trashed all SanSans. The agendas built up and a couple of punishing Legworks sealed it.

Elim Round 1: Lost to Toby Chippington-Derrick, on Temujin Whizz with Slums and ArchInt - The hate in this deck for asset spam was incredible and it all arrived early, so I had no chance of establishing a board, and Friends was no help.
Elim Round 2: Beat Laurie Poulter on Strike Andy - Once again Laurie did all the right things, but made a silly mistake, and I won on a ruled game loss. I had no right winning this game, sorry Laurie :P

20 Feb 2017 Tolaasin

so the trash priorities are sansan > jeeves/sponsorship and then just check everything. Do you go to NA behind ice if runner is doing that?