I'm all in, Motherf***er. 1st place, Undefeated

skewie 259

In the post-CTM meta I've been doing rather well with this deck on JNET so I took it to a rather small SC in the southern parts of Sweden, only six players so three rounds of swiss.

Matchups were:

  1. Psychographics Spark
  2. Prison RP
  3. Cybernetics Division with Batty and Friends

The most notable match was against Prison RP, something that I feel is pretty much an auto-win for Prison-RP against the self-milling MaxX. But I took a big risk early on that paid off and I managed to land a Siphon and En Passant the Ice in front of HQ. This gave me a good start economically to be able to trash their key assets (money and recursion). I was always very low on credits during this game but I kept him off his game plan long enough to secure the win.

Regarding a few card choices:
Knifed is for Data Ward, Spooned for all the nasty Code Gates out there.

I made a last minute change going 1 Obelus and 1 Sifr, a bit of an unusual thing, but generally I never need a console installed. When I do I want it to matter. Sifr for getting past high strength ice for cheap, Obelus for additional protection against kill decks or when I know I can get off a few accesses.

Anyway playing Siphon is fun, just go nuts.

Thanks to @siegl for hosting the tournament and for not getting angry at me for literally stealing his agendas at the end of the last round.

25 Feb 2017 grueble

Swapping a rumor mill for a hackrivist meeting does a lot of work in the asset spam matchup. They often have trouble keeping up with MaxX's current recursion.

26 Feb 2017 skewie

@grueble Hacktivist Meeting would help a lot with the Asset-spam matchup, yeah. It's well worth a try. :)

26 Feb 2017 esutter479

Hacktivist is nice, except when you come up against MaxX's all-time worst matchup...IG, lol.