Jakuza 431

At the moment mainly published for AlwaysBeRunning.

For 99% based on a strong SC winning build by ryanbantwins. Slight tweaks to allow for my unfamiliarity with the deck, adding in an Astrolabe and a Beth Kilrain-Chang. Probably suboptimal for an experienced Dyper pilot, but did enough work for me during the day.

The reasoning for the tweaks was quite simple: As I ran into mem issues & sometimes not enough draw power in the 2 test games before the Invitational, I decided an Astrolabe would be wise. Beth was added on a whim and did more work during the day than the Astrolabe. Would cut the Astro, keep the Beth. End result: Third place in the Dutch Invitational (but only a small field).

PS. No New Angeles City Hall, because I choose to deny the existence of Power Shutdown.