Russian NEH(P)

Jakuza 431

At the moment mainly published for AlwaysBeRunning.

Took me to third place in the Dutch Invitational (but only in a small field). Pretty much a stock Russian NEH list, with slight edits to accommodate play style. Due to circumstances I wasn't able to test/build/train for the Invitational, so I decided to bring something that I'm very familiar with (at least on the Corp side).

The tweaks that are of note:

3x Cobra: Snek doesn't get enough respect, even as a one of perhaps two off. Not many people expect you to play 3x Snek. Respect the Snek.

3x License Acquisition (at the cost of a Breaking News): Now this is a controversial change and a very suboptimal one, once people know what you're up to. In my local meta I'm known for sneaking first turn License Acquisitions for SanSans, but this was a new meta, with all kinds of people unfamiliar with my shenanigans. This cemented the decision to slot 3x LA and just have some fun. No regrets, as this got me multiple free SanSans during the day, one of which was a turn 2.