The Rusher from Russia

mcg 641

This deck is all in on the fast advance. I'd been having too much fun scoring out behind Mother Goddess and Vanilla in my ETF deck, so I thought I'd try a deck purely based on that. Most of it is old Super/Seamusmodernism, with Bryan Stinson and Lateral Growth to try and keep the money up, and Sapper to prickle anyone trying to keep up with the rush. No prizes for pointing out Chimera is rubbish, but is another fun card when people are struggling to find a breaker.

In the GNK it won comfortably against Null, just lost a really fun game against Adam, just lost to Val when they were able to draw a Deja Vu after hitting a Snare, then took a timed lost to Geist in a bit of a nonsense game. If only you got points for nearly winning.