#slotmachine (1st Ghent, Belgium SC)

clercqie 303

In a world where Whizzard dominates, there's only two heroes left: Spam and Combo (as paraphrased by world champ Chris Dyer on the excellent Dead Channel podcast).

Got first place at the Ghent, Belgium store champs with Hasty CI, after rusing the opposition for a whole week into thinking I was bringing RP Prison. Anyways, basically the only viable Corp archetypes nowadays are Asset Spam backed up by Friends, and various combo decks (Railgun, CI7, Hasty). In a field full of Whizzard with 3 Salsette Slums included, there's no way I was going the spam route. And I didn't want to dedicate the time learning the CI7 edge cases. So Hasty it was!

11 people attended, 4 rounds of Swiss into a top 4 cut. Played against Nexus Andy (win), Whizzard (win), Whizzard (loss), Whizzard (win). In top 4, I won against two more Whizzards to get into the winners final. There, my own Whizzard (notice a theme here?) brought me victory against CtM.

Got the bye, but I forever lost the trust of my Netrunner friends. Dunno if it was worth it.

12 Mar 2017 Elodius


also: totally worth it !

12 Mar 2017 clercqie

And the Vanilla should be a second Paper Wall. Anyways, the ICE could be adapted to anything really, as long as it can gearcheck.