Teched-out Sifr Whizz (1st Ghent, Belgium SC)

clercqie 303

In a world where Whizzard dominates, there's only two heroes left: Spam and Combo (as paraphrased by world champ Chris Dyer on the excellent Dead Channel podcast).

This obviously means that you want to be Whizzard yourself to be able to deal with the Corp nonsense nowadays.

As popularized by Dave Cuhlmann, playing 2 Aarons in Whizz is kinda busted. I cut a Temüjin (heresy!) for 2 Employee Strikes, which are kinda good at the moment. The D4v1d could be the 3rd Strike, but I like to be able to handle rush plays behind Wraparounds and Tollbooths, if my other answers don't show up. Playing 3 Slums is amazing at the moment.

11 people attended the SC. 4 rounds of Swiss into a top 4 cut. I played against Palana with Friends (win), CtM Midseasons (win), NEH Boom! (loss) and NEH asset spam, a.k.a. Joeybacks (win) to get into the top 4. There, I won two games as Hasty CI to get into the finals, where I faced of against CtM again (win).

13 Mar 2017 moistloaf

LOL 3 slums... rip netrunner