Eyed Man - An 11-year-old took 2nd with this

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Friff14 583

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

In the land without Ash and Batty, the Eyed Man is king.

I helped my nephew build this deck and he took it to a 9-player onesies tournament to take second place (along with this Whizzard.

Game 1 - loss vs Temüjin Kate. Great player with a great deck, got to game point. I don't really know the details.

Game 2 - win vs Prepaid Kate. Oh, that was me. Well, this is embarrassing. I have to go tell my family that my nephew beat me. Anyway, he scored an early Nisei in a server that was just too hard to get into. I tried R&D pressure and got a few points that way, but he had enough ice to stop that. His scoring server had a Caprice, a Red Herrings, and a double-advanced TFP, so I decided tomedium dig instead. Got nothing. Got Nisei'd on the last click.

Game 3 vs Whizzard. I didn't see exactly what the deck was or what he game was like, but I know he scored a Nisei and has a server with Caprice and 2 Red Herrings.

He went 2-1 with both decks, and his opponents all went 3-3 (I think), so he had the SoS for second place. Good work Ivan!

20 Mar 2017 AkAnderson

atta boy Ivan!

20 Mar 2017 moistloaf

deck looks very fun

30 Mar 2017 serax

Curious how this is legal with packs showing as
Core Set

Opening Moves

Double Time

Honor and Profit

Business First

Any idea?

30 Mar 2017 Friff14

The ID doesn't count as one of the cards; you can use any ID in the collection.

30 Mar 2017 serax

NM, I see the ID is tracked as belonging to the 5th pack. Good deal!