TAANSTAAFL "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch"

Handsome Jack 1589

The Runner's blood runs Gold! Bleed them out of their cash and score out with impunity. If they are poor, they can"t:

Steal NAPD Contract

Trash your City Grids

Trash your assets

Pay through Data Ward or Tollbooth

Install anything

23 Mar 2017 HyenaMars

Wow, NBN sure got some sparkly new toys this pack! Really like the idea, but wouldn't it be better to slot some sort of tag punishment?

24 Mar 2017 Handsome Jack

Yes, I was thinking about slotting a Closed Accounts (Hello, Satan!) or Best Defense. Just not sure what to cut for it.

24 Mar 2017 Valranoth

A few questions:

  • How's the 1x Clyde working out? Do you just throw it in the scoring server while you're waiting for an agenda?

  • What are your thoughts on slotting in some Red Herrings? With Free Lunch, you could ping them before accessing an agenda.

  • Do you find that Free Lunch has enough impact to warrant 3 copies?

24 Mar 2017 Handsome Jack

@Valranoth Clyde is an interesting nuiscance for the runner. They often opt to trash him, and then they get HHN'd. Not sure about the Red Herrings, might be interesting. Right about Free Lunch, might want to cut to two to add in a Red Herring, MVT, Tag Punishment, etc.

25 Mar 2017 dormio

Shouldn't it be "TANSTAAFL?" :-P

29 Mar 2017 Conphas

I'm thinking that spare influence could be a corporate troubleshooter, for fun MCA shenanigans. -1 Financial Collapse +1 Corporate Troubleshooter?

Deck looks fun for corp!

30 Mar 2017 thopol

I just played against someone running this and it was one of the best games I've ever played. I was on crim and teched to deal with open remotes. This deck is teched to deal with my connections. It was incredible fun.

This deck won. I'm very impressed with the taxing synergies. When I suffered through Data Raven Data Ward, saw Manta Grid, it fired and subsequently allowed the scoring of a non advanced NAPD.... I'm in love with this deck.

17 Apr 2017 Ahlan

Why not go the extra evil mile and put 3x Friends in High Places? Also, Closed accounts? if you are running tags... I see no tag punishment other than having to run through Data Ward :o