Bioroid Zoo (Highlander Format)

Lorgar 78

A Highlander Deck for a small game day in Berlin. It went 3-0. The runner decks had problems to deal with the bioroids. Although I could every card only once the deck had enough recursion. In two games I had large scoring windows which allowed even to overadvance the Project Vitruvius. Scarcity of Resources is huge in a Highlander Format Played it along with my Leela runner deck.

25 Mar 2017 BeenaryCode

Ohhhhhh, Highlander. As in, "There can only be one". I like it!

26 Mar 2017 CactusJack

@Lorgar Nice! I wanted to do something like this for a league, but couldn't figure it out for the corp side. I ended up using The Professor. Thanks for sharing!

26 Mar 2017 Lorgar

@CactusJackThe Professor, awesome. For me building a corp Highlander was the interesting part. Here you have options, not only by taking extreme IDs line IG or CI. Building a Criminal Highlander was indeed easy. I just had to pick the 45 best blue cards. No much variability at this point. Maybe I should try more special IDs like The Professor, Nasir or MaxX next time. It wold be great if other formats like Highlander or 1+1+1+1 here on would get a special tagg to filter them.

27 Mar 2017 Sazed

Nice! I can tell firsthand hat resource scarcity is a major thing in Highlander. My only lose with Whizzard during the tournament -> Definitively fun! ;)