Dan "The Beast" Severn

aech 36

Here is the Apex deck I took to the Stockport Intercity. The deck is similar to The Cult of Apex but instead of Exclusive Party I added Build Script, Dues Wild and Peace in our Time which increases the power level significantly. Add in the Heap Suite and we have a workable deck. Fast yellow decks are our nemesis, some HBs can be a problem too but everything else is winnable.

27 Mar 2017 FightingWalloon

Vanilla Apex. Interesting deck. Silly question, but why 2 Build Script and 2 Deuces? Build Script is literally just a Deuces without all the choices on it. Would 3 Deuces and 1 Build Script give your more options?

27 Mar 2017 aech

Not a silly question at all, your point is valid and moving to three Deuces is probably the right move. I was keen to test Build Script over Exclusive Party, originally had three but didn't have the heart to cut the 2nd, lol.

27 Mar 2017 Stonar

Honestly, with all that event econ, I might try -2 Deuces, -1 Chop Bot, -1 Peace, +3 Prepaid, +1 Deuces. Awkward with Apocalypse, I realize, but you're Apex, you'll use them.

28 Mar 2017 aech

I think Prepiad may be too much set up but would be more interested if it comes off the MWL.

28 Mar 2017 Pantacruel

Do you double install the Reaver for more draw power?

28 Mar 2017 aech

Not normally, MU is often taken up with Endless Hunger or one of the heap suite but your rig is always flexible and I can see a few situations where double Reaver isn't the worst idea.