Seasoned Chicago Meatball (King of Subways 3rd Place, 5-0)

edpaget 208

I took my teammate @asher's Spicy Chicago Meatball deck list to an undefeated corp day at King of Subways. This is deck was silly good, especially when I lucked out on my match ups and didn't play a single Whizzard the entire event.

The changes from the original list are small:

-2 Vanila, +2 Kakugo - In the King of subways meta, where I would be less likely to play against ice destruction, investing 4 credits to do an extra net damage was totally worth it. Putting it on R&D with a Hokusai Grid was enough to deter almost all runs.

-1 Shock!, +1 Psychic Field - I think Psychic Field only fired once on the day, but often seeing it was enough to slow down runners from checking all my remotes.

-1 Cerebral Static, +1 Enforced Curfew - I found I was only playing static to clear E Strike when I was testing this deck, so switching to a zero cost current seemed like an obvious choice.

30 Mar 2017 hutch9514

I assume most games you flatlined. Any games you scored out? @edpaget

30 Mar 2017 edpaget

@hutch9514 I had one game where I would have scored out the next turn (I was on 5 points and had a philotic on the board), but my opponent conceded after a run milled his last copy of Levy. Scoring a couple HoK with all your other net damage can protect a naked fetal pretty easily.