PPE - A. Mechanical Men Corporation

Jak_the_flipper 2

In an effort to use the broad, interesting card pool of Netrunner but curb the NPE excesses of the meta as of the start of Red Sands, a friend and I are trying a different design challenge: to come up with pairs of decks that play well off each other. The goal is that both feel powerful and fun to pilot for experienced NR players.

This a deck A, a mid-strength-Bioroid-heavy, multi-layer ice wall. Bigger ice is largely for ABT/efficiency shenanigans, while Brain Taping and your ID can help you rez a lot of your standard ice for few very creds. Open up your score windows by making everything expensive, and blow up the server if you need to protect those points/for the surprise flatline. Who says robots cannot cause harm to humans?