Jack's Take on DLR Sunny

CactusJack 117

Built off of the Takeshi's Castle archetype.

Seriously, when I built this deck, I had no idea other people had done DLR Sunny...

Operations focus on card draw and s. Earthrise for click-less draws.

Once setup, use Jak to get a free run. Fail the run, John gives a tag. Spend 4 s with DLR to mill 4 cards. Citadel fires @ trace 1, triggers Power Taps, and hopefully have enough and credits to beat trace. Rinse and repeat.

If Beth is turned on, that's 1 extra , card, or per turn.

This deck has won 4 and lost 0 games so far. Once by milling, and once because milling helped. The other two times have been from good runs. In 1 game, I only used Overmind as my breaker, and still won.

Why Build Script and Deuces Wild were chosen over Exclusive Party, two reasons: card draw and utility. Yes, EP makes more money overall, but lacks the utility of DW. Build Script will be replaced with Process Automation when it's available.

1 Bloo Moose will replace 1 Daily Casts, when available. Bloo Moose will change used operations and other discarded cards into 2 - admittedly it won't pay for itself for 2 turns (unless installed through Career Fair).

Overall, I've noticed this deck is highly variable, but oddly, that has been its strength. It's core mechanic is solid: build and use Security Chips judiciously.

Yes, there are no gifs/images in this description.

13 Apr 2017 CactusJack

MWL 1.2 legal, and I wasn't even trying...

14 Apr 2017 CactusJack

I experienced my first loss with this deck yesterday. In hindsight, I could've won. We were on 6 AP each, and he had installed and advanced an agenda behind a wall of ICE I didn't have the credits to break. It was my turn, and I had everything I needed: DLR, Hades Shard, Jak Sinclair, John Masanori, and Beth Kilrain-Chang (who was giving me an extra ). This is where I failed. Had I assessed the situation better, I would've taken my free run on one of the unprotected servers, jacked out before access (thus giving me a tag), DLR'd for 5 cards, and then Hades Shard before my turn ended. It would've been a Hail Mary, but in the post game review, we learned that a GFI was 4 cards in R&D (which was extremely low).

With 6 agendas in the score areas, one in a server, that left 2 unaccounted for agendas. Those 2 were either in HQ and/or R&D. I didn't have the credits to break into HQ, nor any multi-access (Turning Wheel was installed but only had 1 power counter). The best shot was DLR.

Instead, I spent 5 clicks to gain 5, having already defeated myself in my own mind. Hindsight is 20/20.