Takeoff Clearance - 2nd Store Champ. Leuven, Belgium

roeiboot4 105

"Next flight 2, you have takeoff clearance". Play all but one of the Clearances, and then again with Stinson, improving Blue level to a single click operation! Standard Next rush agenda suite, in which Bifrost Array does its work! 3 times during the day a Sales Team had 17 credits on it, securing steady drip for the rest of the game.

Went 2/4 in Swiss, and won the semi-finals to secure a spot in the championship match, which it lost to a Vamp-Maw Whizzard.

16 Apr 2017 clercqie

Thanks for the good game (although maybe a bit too one-sided...) You had a strong remote up and running very fast though, which was stressful to deal with. :-)

16 Apr 2017 roeiboot4

@clercqie Fun game indeed. In hindsight I was probably better off triggering the ABT's, thereby giving more resistance against the yog-sucker combo.

16 Apr 2017 PureFlight

Did you like Lag Time? Or would you rather have had Scarcity?

17 Apr 2017 roeiboot4

@PureFlight Lag Time definitely does work. On a server with 4-5 ice it taxes about the same amount of credits. You like this better than Scarcity since your only aim is to tax runs. If the runner installs a resource, fine, that's one less click available to run. This deck wants to play so fast that by the time the resources start to pay off, you've already won (or should, hehe)