Thats why build script has 1Influence

Putzlappen 182

Go through your first deck afap, have 5 clicks (or sometimes 6 clicks thanks to beth) every turn with comet. Snowball your way to 7 points. Build script is like you have 6 copys of deuces wild...its good :)

18 Apr 2017 Zankoku

Since you're not really using Smoke's stealth credit in anything, wouldn't Chaos Theory: W√ľnderkind be a better pick, letting you install your full rig without waiting for Comet? Or you can play a 45-card ID and spend some of those card slots on Same Old Thing, to get extra uses out of cards like Scavenge.

18 Apr 2017 Putzlappen

Sure i use the stealth credits, u can use it for any icebreakers, not only for stealthbreakers ;) So after the first gothrough of the deck, normally i use the smokecredit every turn. Chaos theory does nothing for the deck imo and 45 cards are kind of antisynergystic with this the deck, as it gets really unstoppable after the first levy, so you want that to happen afap.

18 Apr 2017 Trypios

Party is baaaaad, remove it put lucky find. Now that prepaid is influence free again, it would work wonders here

18 Apr 2017 quailman2101

I built a very similar deck. I put three Comets in. You really really want to get it out turn one. If you do, you'll probably be good to go. I love Exclusive Party and Day Job with it. I did even include the three Build Scripts. Crappy card in an deck but a Comet deck.

19 Apr 2017 Putzlappen

@TrypiosParty gives you a card, lucky find does not. You need the draw to feed your comet every turn.

19 Apr 2017 Trypios

Thank you captain, but there's a lot of draw already and no good econ. If I was a rush/FA corp I'd score out before you even manage to find a single icebreaker. A glacier deck would be much richer by the time you Levy and by then the only real econ is Sure Gamble. Dirty laundry won't do much after everything is iced.

Can't really justify 6 influence and 6 deck space for such a bad card where you can include way better pieces. Even a single quality time could do better if the deck had better economy. Or even the good old Test Run + Scavenge combo which is also a deck thinner.