Purple Death Monster

mcg 566

This deck was designed for the 1.1 meta, then stubbornly/stupidly stuck with after the 1.2 announcement a few days before BABW. The plan was to be as awkward as possible for Parasite using Macrophage and Ark Lockdown, then as frustration rises and funds run low hit them with a Hard-Hitting Boom. Plans sound so good in theory.

In reality it hardly got chance to play (in part due to my slow play as runner). It rushed to a timed win round 1, and an incredibly unlucky timed loss in round 2. In round 3, its only proper outing, I was majorly flooded and quickly picked apart. Time to move on.

26 Apr 2017 Zanis

And where is the money to pay all that stuff ? 3 Hedge fund and 3 Lateral Growth seem pretty weak...