First Jenteki deck ever..and probably my last. :)

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Cemehiden 81

15 Apr 2014 falseidol

problem with Heimdall 1 is that the brain damage is on the first click, meaning they can bonk out for 1 click. On its own, that would be fine, but you paid 8 for that monstrosity and if all they are trying to do is tag a central before moving over to a remote, you're probably overpaying (unless you plan to use Heimdall exclusively over remotes, which is pretty mean since they could never click through it). But if you wanted to put him over centrals, Viktor 1 does the same thing for cheaper (though you should want their central runs to hurt as much as possible IMO)

15 Apr 2014 Cemehiden

I do intend the Heimdall 1.0s to be in a remote not on centrals. :)

15 Apr 2014 Cemehiden

Chums and Data mines for Centrals and everything else bad and ugly.