Jaz's Nightmare 2.0 - Stable version

Erik_Twice 1983

CI Glacier showed some promise so I decided to keep working on the deck to make it more stable. This is my latest build.

First, the number of remotes has been reduced. Keeping a server for Jeeves, another for Museum and another for Sandburg was not practical. I cut the Jeeves, which were powerful, but ultimately unnecessary and rationalized the use of other assets. The goal now is to build a two-ICE remote for Sandburg and work from there.

Ice has also been rationalized. The deck plays 17 pieces of ICE now, ensuring enough pieces to defend all centrals, the Sandburg remote and the scoring remote all at the same time. Temujin is easier to deal with and the number of code gates has been reduced to minimize exposure to Gordian Blade.

Economy has been overhauled a bit, too. The operations are now beefier (Green Level versus Blue Level) to justify their deck slots and plans of running Adonis have been scrapped. Now the deck feels fast and lean, with enough money to work without triggering Stinson in the first few turns.

I'm also trying two new cards: Old Hollywood Grid which is an automatic bounce against all decks not playing Film Critic and a singleton Shell Corporation to keep the economic lead post-Stinson. Both have been a huge success and the former can keep the Runner completely locked given enough recursion.

The MWL changes greatly benefit this deck by getting rid of Rumor Mill but I'm not sure if anything else can be changed. Feel free to try out a different build!

20 Apr 2017 MrHuds0n

I'd consider Domestic Sleepers, having in mind that you have only 5/3 agendas these could really accelerate your scoring.

20 Apr 2017 codychilton13

But how do you win.....

20 Apr 2017 Erik_Twice


Generally speaking, you create a 4-ICE remote backed by Sandburg and score by turn 44.


Normally if you can score one agenda, you can score them all so accelerating the scoring isn't too much of an issue for this deck except for tournament time limits :)

20 Apr 2017 Senthin

@codychilton13 I'm with you on this. I mean, you can rush out one 5/3, use Old Hollywood Grid to score a second 5/3 assuming you get in a position that the runner can't afford to run the server twice, and then.......... i don't know. I'm with @MrHuds0n on this, you need Domestic Sleepers to close this out if you're going to try this, otherwise your win condition is: "Hopefully one of the first two Agendas I score is a Vanity Project."

20 Apr 2017 Erik_Twice


Why rush when you can give +20 strenght to all your ICE and score at your leisure behind a megaremote? This is not rush, this is about feeding Sandburg with Bryan Stinson.

And, trust me, it's not exactly hard to do so ;)

20 Apr 2017 Frogblast

indexing / mad dash kinda crushes this...

21 Apr 2017 Erik_Twice


It doesn't.

21 Apr 2017 codychilton13

Drive by, political operative, counselman. The cards are there. Eater, keyhole, cutlery, siphon. BUT I do think the deck is a decent concept, and it looks super fun!

21 Apr 2017 codychilton13

I also like leaning more toward the old Hollywood with this deck, I mean come on......the runner actually can't score unless they run the server twice and pay $8,000 lol! Pair this with enhanced login and you got an annoyingly inconvenient deck!