The Sun Never Sets on New Angeles v3 (4th place AA GNK Q1)

sigma83 293

Still the funnest deck ever. Score agendas until the runner stops you from doing so then make them the star of your newest reality sensie.

Round 1 vs Prepaid Kate.

Pedal to the metal. Scored 6 points in as many turns. Had poor start but 3x Oaktown scores will take the sting out of a bad opening. Kate blanked an Indexing which allowed me to build up and then finally score through a superserver, which was great because Kati, Film Critic, and the breakers had all already come down. If the game went on any longer I'm pretty sure I would have lost.

Round 2 vs Big Rig Chaos Theory

Trashed 1 Opus via Sapper in R&D, trashed 3 more Opuses and the Shrike using the 1x Best Defense post-Midseasons as I correctly guessed that he didn't run Clone Chips. Even with the Paperclip removed from the game, it's really hard to beat infinite money Shaper with 2 Plascretes and 2 Levys when your barriers and agendas sink to the bottom. Got to 5 points then lost to R&D interfaces.

I feel that if I had focused on killing off the Plascretes instead of the Opus I might have been in a better spot but I got to 5 really early and thought that if I could win the econ war I could score out. Did not expect 2 Levy. It was a horrible battle of attrition that I could probably have pulled out if my agendas didn't keep sinking lower into R&D.

Round 3 vs Andromeda Classic

Atrocious opening. Lots of big ice without oversight AIs, no hedge funds, no restructures - couldn't lock down servers fast enough so Andy got two full Temujins, plenty of Sec Testings, and something like 15-20 Datasucker counters over the course of the game. Got R&D locked - tried to score out behind blank Mother Goddess. Got to 5 but Andy had Femme to steal the last 2 points.

Round 4 vs Good Stuff Whizzard

When you have 20 credits on turn 2 it's hard for Anarch to avoid Midseasons. I actually landed two Midseasons this game, one to get rid of Marron and the runner's 17+ credits, and the 2nd one stuck for a Boom kill. It was close - Whizzard got to 6 points.


I'm fairly sure I just need to be far more aggressive when drawing cards. I may -1 Hive +1 Fire Wall just because Paperclip is annoying, but that's hard to say. Mausolus and Wormhole wreck Gordian Blade, so those are staying in. Veritas might turn into something with a little more teeth, but the econ swing is very good early on. I would love a Pre-emptive action but can't figure out what to cut.

22 Apr 2017 str4atman

Since you're packing, would you be considering -1 Scorched Earth, +1 Boom?

22 Apr 2017 sigma83

@str4atmanI tried that in a previous version, I like it a lot less. It's way less flexible (you can kill with Consulting -> Scorched, or Boom + Scorch to get through a Plascrete). The fact that it's not trashable makes centrals less leaky, and you're not exactly hurting for ways to recur/fetch Boom... although I suppose with Archives Interface in the meta now...

22 Apr 2017 sigma83

@str4atman*Consulting -> Midseasons -> Scorched.

22 Apr 2017 igrekk

What about Ark Lockdown, does it worth including?

23 Apr 2017 sigma83

@igrekk It's so worth including. I kind of wish I could run 2.