Tennin fast advance--1st place at 14 person GNK

yog-sothothry 151

Here's a deck that plays a bit differently than most of the existing decks, and lets me play my favourite ID of all time--Tennin institute!

This is fast advance deck built around trick of light and clones are not people. The strategy is to ice up all your centrals and then sit back and use tennin's ability to build up advancement counters. But you don't need to rely on fast advance. In matchups where you need to go faster (such as severnius combo or just a late game smoke deck), you can build a remote and score with caprice. This is also your answer to clot--shaper's running clot tend to be weak to just building a taxing caprice remote. And this deck has a good matchup against the big boy's MaxX deck of the week--turtle up, recur Crisium, and grind them out. DNA tracker will cost them 9 if they want to be able to trash the crisium, and fire wall can easily build up counters to cost 7-8. Try to put eli's in front of the fire walls and yagura's in front of the DNA trackers so they soak up cutlery. It's not a blowout by any means, but you also have all the tools you need to win.

At the GNK I went 3-1, with the lose being an incredibly close game vs. crim where I would have won had a random access not scored and trashed my game winning "clones are not people". I beat Big Boy's MaxX, severnius combo (once you have a nisei mk 2 scored its really hard for them to win), and good stuff anarch.

3 May 2017 Sanjay

This looks very solid.

IPO seems like a really nice boost for Tennin, given how much Tennin wants operation econ and how much less clumsy it is compared to Restructure.

Congrats on the GNK win!

3 May 2017 yog-sothothry

Thanks Sanjay! Yeah, IPO is amazing. I used to run medical research fundraiser just because you end up needing to rez ice early and it's really hard to reliably stay at 10 for restructure. IPO solves that problem, and avoids giving the runner money. A huge upgrade.

3 May 2017 MaximumSushi

Thanks for the games Ben! I was running the CT severnius deck!

5 May 2017 Shulmey

Have you tried out Hortum or Colossus in this? Hortum in particular might be good.

5 May 2017 yog-sothothry

Hortum could definitely be solid. I chose firewall partly in order to help the stealth matchup. it's one of the few pieces of ice that is still very taxing even for a fully set up stealth rig. With 3 counters, hortum still only taxes stealth decks 1 stealth cred 1 normal cred, while a firewall with 3 counters is 7 credits for paperclip. The main reason I'd consider hortum is if you needed the AI hate clause. But I haven't found that many AI breakers I'm worried about floating around.

16 May 2017 percomis

Grats on the GNK win! I've been playing around with this deck and I really, really enjoy it. My only concern is: the only real ETR you have is Fire Wall and Eli as a soft ETR. Everything else allows the runner to run through which although painful, stops your token generation. Have you thought about putting in more hard ETR, like Quandary instead of Yaguras?

17 May 2017 yog-sothothry

I find that I am happy to let the runner take tempo hits to try to turn off the ID ability. I actually only need it to trigger around 4-6 times per game. The problem with the hard ETR's is, once they find the breaker, they don't really tax anymore, so then they do turn off your ability and get accesses. Taxing ice remains relevant in the late game. I do want to try Aiki instead of yagura, though.