Kostya Kimlat Corporate Magic [Post Rotation Build]

Grimwalker 638


Pick a card, any card. Have three cards. Have two more cards! Let's sift through all this information and see whether I find the two cards you really didn't want me to find.

In a post Jackson world you have to get up really early in the morning to get agendas out of HQ and into servers that are protected either with ice or the anonymity of R&D. This can be exploited.

Force the corp to draw cards at every opportunity. The three cards which do this are:

  • Fisk Investment Seminar - Needs no introduction. Don't play this willy nilly--you need to watch the corp's play and hit them with this when they have made a tempo play like installing a card and advancing it, or going low on credits. If at all possible, try to fire this on consecutive turns.

  • Polyhistor - Again, this kind of symmetrical draw is best used when the corporation is least able to cope with it. Such a modest shift has the most potential to be a double edged sword, so again, strike when it's most impactful, preferably on a turn where you've already hit them with Seminar, and always in combo with Fisk's ability. If

  • Equivocation - I'm not the first person to play this out of Fisk. Run R&D, reveal the top card, and if it's an agenda, Yahtzee. Steal those points. If it's not, force the draw, force the Fisk draw, then access the next card down. Run with Möbius and do it again on the same click for just one more card.

If you can pressure the corp's plan, keep them back footed with card flood, prevent them from getting enough money to execute with Siphon, that's when the game will fall your way. The natural clock of the game is the corporation's draw; agendas will come into play at a certain rate. What you must do is speed up the clock so that more time passes than they have clicks to manage.

Once you get things to where you're leaning on them rather than them leaning on you, either Equivocation or Information Sifting will give you the game.

3 May 2017 codychilton13

@Grimwalker I'm not sure how Mammon really works here, I'm not convinced that it's good. How has it worked out in testing?

3 May 2017 Grimwalker

It's an emergency 1x AI in case I run into Skorpios that things by sniping Clippy they can get cheeky and score with impunity behind a Vanilla. Everyone in my meta loves it but I haven't actually had the chance to play much and it hasn't come up yet.