Slumming It Out (4th place, 2017 Store Champs @ The Attic)

str4atman 150

Went 3-0 to place 2nd after Swiss, and 4th place after the top cut overall. Lost to an RP prison deck after I got cash-strapped, and recklessly face-planted into a Chiyashi with only 3 cards in hand.

Just more good stuff Criminal cards, but teched specifically against Prison decks, which a couple of local players were using. Wouldn't even mind putting in another copy of Salsette Slums, but not sure if I should cut the Net-Ready Eyes, or Mimic + Datasucker. Would probably slot in another Mongoose for the latter.

On the Lam didn't do much on that day, since Aaron removes tags far better and I didn't face any 24/7 -> Boom decks. Still thinking I should keep it though.