Victorinox v55 (2nd place, 2017 Store Champs)

sigma83 293

2nd place Store Champs! This is my second 2nd place finish with this pair of decks, the other being The Sun Never Sets on New Angeles. Both continue to be the funnest things ever.

Changes since previous version: This version has seen a complete overhaul of the breaker suite since v54 primarily using the power of Peace in Our Time (MVP card) to use regular breakers in a more big rig style rather than the surgical single server lock of the old suite. This meant more robust, more expensive, but more flexible rig. Also dropped the Test Runs and Scavenges because 1) no more D4V1D 2) Peace in Our Time means you don't need turn 1 Opus as badly any more 3) I sorely, sorely missed the ability to midrun tutor RDIs with Fan Site. The Sac Con was a concession to the fact that I knew at least one player was doing the Marcus Batty rigshooter style - it will be a lot better once I bring back Clot.

Round 1 vs: Mumbad Construction Co. Titan Transnational.

TBH I got really lucky. Titan had set up a really scary looking Anson Rose remote and iced up everywhere. I scored 5 points off R&D in 3 runs including two of the atlases, then after that it was only a matter of maintaining the R&D lock.

Round 2 vs: Spark Agency

Was really close. Fast Advance decks continue to be my bane. (I fought 5 FA decks on the day...) NBN got to 5 with a rezzed sansan city grid, before I got a miracle 1 in 5 from HQ. Then I stole Beales from R&D to pull it out. Don't remember too much about this game as it was quite short.

Round 3 vs: Rush Engineering The Future. Video

First of three games today vs this ETF deck. All of them went pretty much the same way. Establish r&d lock, get iced out because HB ice is a massive pain without Parasite, then Corp draws thru lock and Biotics out agendas. Lesson: Atman is in your deck for a reason. Stop paying for Ichi 1 and Eli 1 with your breakers. Just Atman them.

Top Cut

Game 1 vs: ETF. Video

Lost as above. R&D cost 21 credits to run at one point. Even though I had 3 RDIs installed you can't really lock that. Note to self: RUN HQ MORE DAMMIT. I get heavily tunnel visioned on R&D. Oopsicles.

Game 2 vs: ETF.


As above except this time my mulligan was very poor. Two ABTs fired for 3 ice and no agendas + a facechecked Architect meant I was pretty far behind. Still managed to bounce back (thanks Stimhack!) and establish R&D lock but lost to biotic.

Changes for the Future:

Parasite. Parasite, My Kingdom for a Parasite. Parasite would have won me those ETF games by making Silvers and Vanillas so much less taxing. Paperclip is good but spending 7 to SMC and break a vanilla that stays on the board is Ugh.

Parasites also have decent game against my other weak matchup, NBNFA. Archives Interface is good but I think I might have other outs vs Prison e.g. R&D lock, I'll have to test more.

I'm cutting Paperclip because I want Clot back. 5 FA decks in one day = ughzors. In its place I'll run Battering Ram (Being Chaos Theory rules) which I'll probably only need for stuff like Chiyashi and Fire Wall given that I'm bringing back Parasite.

Still, it performed really well, being able to pilot out of even a completely abysmal mulligan. It's going to be real real sad when CT and Personal Workshop rotate.