LynxMegaCorp 1336

Twice now I've won with 0 cards in R&D. Other than that, very high win-rate so far on jinteki.net. Try it out! :)

Special Report is very new and just for the lol'ful interaction (you're shuffling in 20 cards?)

Feel free to swap those two influence for just about any other tech cards.

9 May 2017 Handsome Jack

Curious: Why Bastion instead of Eli? Some of the ICE looks a little flimsy.

9 May 2017 LynxMegaCorp

I'd hate to put sand in my ice just for it to fall through because its POROUS. :P

10 May 2017 boj_man

What is your general idea of play? I'm assuming you money and ice up HQ. How many remotes do you end up with?

10 May 2017 LynxMegaCorp

Use all the econ - get ice on each key server (two on remote if against Criminals).

Reversed Accounts goes into the remote as soon as possible / needed. If they try to get through and trash RA, they risk going broke enough to enable Stinson. If not, they let me drain their coffers. (And Stinson anyway.) DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE RA / Stinson!

2 remotes ideally (scoring and Sandburg, I tend to not protect Jeeves unless they're on Bank Job / TemCon).

The ice suite is fairly flexible - right now I'm going for the sturdiest possible - but you can viably swap Bastions for Vanilla, Turing for Magnet, Fenris for any good sentry bioroid... (But I value my etrs, you know?)

6 Jul 2017 zmb

Rumor Mill will kill both Bryan and Sandburg. Need more currents :)

7 Jul 2017 LynxMegaCorp

@zmbI often run at least 2x Scarcity, but the newfound absence of Rumor Mill means I usually get away with 1. And if they're playing RM, I'm not using Bryan, anyway. Losing Sandburg hurts for sure.