Glitchfork (1st place BABW Wrexham/2nd place BABW Sheffield)

Circadia 2781

What the MWL taketh away, Fan Site and Artist Colony giveth back.

Very similar to bakunin75's Ice Age Hayley, with some inclusions to suit the UK meta which is trending towards Sync Boom and Moonspam. Legwork and Film Critic do work against Moonspam, NACH is much more resilient than Aaron against Sync Boom as you don't need to play the Critic until you plan to score, which keeps you safe from 24/7. This allows you to strike with Critic at a time when you can score multiple agendas over a couple of turn, then Levy to do it all over again once the Critic turns informer.

Shadow Net is a nice include in case you draw your Sifr, Parasite and other pieces before you can Fan Site for them, allowing you to click for 9c, recur Indexings and Levy for free.

The core of the deck is pretty fixed, but there are about six flex slots (and four influence) which you can shift around to suit your meta: these are Legwork, Employee Strike, Political Operative, Councilman, NACH, Shadow Net, 1 Atman.

Alternative options for the influence include Aaron, Slums, Lady and Clot. You can also play about with the number of SMCs, add in an Inti for yellow decks, add Interdiction if you're trying to fight off Scarcity or ELP. (Personally I'm not a fan of the Slums/Paricia route for dealing with asset spam as you're just a weaker Whizzard, I prefer Legwork to try and seal the deal, backed up with Indexing lock obviously.)

This deck mostly wins by scoring lots of points in a small window: when the corp is just about comfortable, you break open their remote, Indexing lock them and Mad Dash their dreams into the ground. Enjoy!

13 May 2017 Cliquil

This is a great Hayley deck - to me it feels like the ultimate Shaper. Is Mimic mainly there as anti Swordsman tech? It feels like a very deliberate card what with the influence cost.

13 May 2017 Circadia

Actually it's most there for Architect. Against HB you want Atman 4 so you need something to deal with Architect, which can't be Sifrsited.

13 May 2017 Cliquil

Sorry to question again - I only do so out of keen interest rather than critique

is the Skorpios matchup problematic at all? Do you lean on Employee Strike heavily for it and hold off on your attacks until you can bring it to bear? Does that even change much about your playstle? Or is this deck more tuned on the basis that you are not likely to see it?

13 May 2017 Circadia

Skorpios is a problem, but you have options even without Strike. Critic and Councilman deal with Hunter Seeker and Batty. Two Atmans with Sifr is surprisingly versatile even if one does get Battyd. I won against a Skorpios at Sheffield and never saw Strike. I would want to make sure the Strike is out once I start parasiting, however!

14 May 2017 dawspawn

Are you typically pretty light on money, or is the Sure Gamble, Dirty Laundry, Casts package enough?

14 May 2017 Circadia

The ProCo does a lot of work. You do run fairly poor, but after Sifr is down breaking/trashing ice becomes pretty cheap.