MWL1.2 Apoc Whizz (1st BABW LCQ)

Eon_II 53

Won v ETF x2, Seidr asset spam x2 and RP. Lost to ETF twice, both times to the splendid extrac. Deck was originally based on Necro's, which I spotted in the midst of feeling nostalgic about playing apocalypse maxx in 2016 store champs. Refer to that deck's write up if you're unfamilliar with this archetype. Videos of some of the games are available on Ben Ni's channel:

Rambling about card choices:

Turntable can probably be cut down to 1. I discarded it literally every game except one, and it got apocalypsed before seeing any use in that game. I do still prefer it over Vigil for the utility against GFI, Sales Team, Nisei MK2 and decks that want to use 24/7. Put the third keyhole in its place - the corp will often be too poor to defend R&D, or prioritise it lower after apocalypse, and you want this in hand to take advantage of it.

Day Job for Liberated Account was a last minute swap, one which I can go either way on. Day job gives you the luxury of being able to dip low on credits contesting HB assets then instantly bounce back up, but it's much more awkward to find time to play, especially if you're drawing for econ.

Strikes have been excellent. Parasites have been somewhat hit and miss, consider them flex slots.

Apocalypse-ing an asset spam deck is incredibly satisfying.

16 May 2017 Necro

Nice to see this decklist. I was also changing my original deck in this direction (cutlery, Day Job, Wanton Destruction).

Yeah, Parasite is not that impressive, especially without Datasuckers.

I'm still having a hard time playing against SYNC kill decks. Obelus helps, but it usually gets Best Defenced. Maybe an additional Wanton Destruction would work.

17 May 2017 osclate

Thank you for sharing this list! I've been enjoying the heck out of it. I've found Turntable to be great vs. Sync. And Apocalypsing a Moon deck is just great. You even have enough run events to get through Enhanced Login Protocol without losing a click, making the Apocalypse possible!

I feel like the one thing I'm struggling with is not using the cutlery enough. When is it most effective? I don't want to bother destroying ice when I'm just going to Apoc, but then I end up discarding it and not playing it at all, since I need to keep the Apoc, Mad Dash, back up Eater, etc., in hand.

18 May 2017 Eon_II

@osclate: I most frequently find myself using cutlery to pressure HQ. By forcing corps to keep committing more ICE and credits to defending HQ from siphon, you detract from their ability to create a scoring remote or defend R&D. This often sets up situations where they still haven't had chance to shore up R&D by lategame, meaning you can snag the last few points with Keyhole, or Apocalypse them if it looks like they're about to stabilise. Plus, if you can soften up HQ, it increases the credit gain potential of your siphons and makes it cheaper to land your apocalypse in the first place.

If you think you can contest the remote, it can also often be worth using cutlery on the remote to deny them a way to safely get rid of agendas entering HQ (though if they overcommit to the remote they leave themselves vulnerable to apocalypse.) Remember that as you're siphoning them and trashing their HQ/remote ICE, agendas are gradually leaving R&D and trickling into HQ. For example in the game against RP in Ben's video I switched to more of a remote lock strategy partway through the game when the corp player looked like they were feeling pressured to score out.

Other than that it's just a case of proactively exploiting any openings your opponent gives you. E.g. Your opponent tries to rush out an agenda behind a single ICE hoping you won't be able to get through with Eater, you can run to force the rez then run again with the cutlery. Or perhaps their R&D is lightly ICEd so you trash that, forcing them to choose between scoring the agenda or given you a turn's worth of Keyholing.

24 May 2017 Frogblast

How do you get rid of face up cards after apoc ?

24 May 2017 Necro

@Frogblast: If you are playing against HB, you can trash facedown cards on Fairchild ICE subroutines.

25 May 2017 Eon_II

@Frogblast: Your facedown cards are stuck facedown. It's not worth the slots you'd need to change that; it's unfortunate when you lose a conspiracy breaker but basically never a big deal.

Your plan is to hold a keyhole and ideally an eater in hand ready to capitalise on apocalypse. Part of the benefit of running so few installables is that it's almost always more damaging for the Corp than for you even if your paperclip ends up facedown ad collateral .

(There was an offscreen game against HB where I used their fairchild 3 to trash eater and a parasite before the apocalypse, which is a sick play that I highly recommend just for the tilt factor)

11 Jun 2017 osclate

Played this yesterday​ at DC regionals and only lost one game (went 5-1). Loss was to a Moons deck (never saw a siphon or Apoc). Ended up first in Swiss and third in the cut. Thanks for the deck!