Before the FAQ - MCA Informant/Scorch CI

TugtetguT 1557

Just posting this now since it will soon be unplayable. It was what I was planning to bring to euros, but now my win condition got an errata, which is a good thing, but I had hopes that the errata would come after the big tournament.

So it's pretty simple to pilot.

  1. Get money/draw cards

  2. Protect centrals

  3. Have 5 agendas in hand - comes with the knowledge that the runner can no longer win on RND

  4. Make a strong enough hq server

  5. Put MCA informant on Corporate Troubleshooter

  6. Scorch, Scorch / Scorch, Archived Memories, Scorch

Btw Corporate Troubleshooter have good synergy with NEXT Gold, which can also kill or remove entire rigs, fire the one with the informant on - it doesn't matter if they die/have no breakers afterwards.

Bryan Stinson triggers are a blast and can be forced through MCA/CT runs also sometimes you just get lucky in the early stages of the game. I think for a larger event you'd want to swap him for Crisium Grid or Reuse and make 1-2 of the Scarcities into Targeted Marketing.

That ruling was really silly anyway.

23 May 2017 LynxMegaCorp


23 May 2017 TugtetguT

Haha! this is me letting it go... My most degenerate piece of beauty to date! :-P