ntahfs 445

Briefly tested... theoretically efficient. Run 1: Equivocation reveal card position 1 (force draw), access card position 5 (call 4 after force draw Run 2: Equivocation reveal card position 2 (force draw), access card position 6 (call 4 after force draw) Run 3: Equivocation reveal card position 3 (force draw), access card position 7 (call 4 after force draw) Run 4: Equivocation reveal card position 4 (force draw), access card position 8 (call 4 after force draw)

Other interactions: Gain Clicks: Brahman -> Autoscripter, Peace -> Beth Library/Brahman -> D4v1d/Chameleon Dhegdheer -> Program Scavenge + Program -> Dhegdheer Equivocation -> Top Hat -> Maya

25 May 2017 ntahfs

Sorry for the bad formatting. Not sure why NRDB can't publish text.

25 May 2017 Soulcow

Wait, what are you doing with autoscripter and brahman? Maya equivocation is already nuts, I'm interested to see what top hat can do in this deck. ^^

25 May 2017 SyIus

I would assume the idea is get a Brahman out on a Dhegdheer with Autoscripter, London Library, and a Chameleon in hand. Install Chameleon for free with Autoscripter onto London Library (no cost and click refund), use Chameleon on the outer ice, then Brahman the inner, bouncing chameleon back. Perfect for any server with 2 or less ice, D4v1d helps with pesky ice above 3 strength.

I'd wonder if this deck would work out better with clone chips instead of the Peace in Our Time, and maybe drip card draw? Laguna is a good substitute, I just wonder if you couldn't slot in a patron or something. Cool deck though, I'll probably take a whack at a version of this myself. Props!

29 May 2017 Soulcow

@SyIus why would you/he need London Library then, only to bounce back D4v1d for its counters? Or to be able to install one chameleon at no cost and still get a click to install the other or sth?

Also, how is he ever getting 4 runs on R&D if he needs to bounce breakers for each ICE he wans to break with Brahman, or lose at least one click to install a second chameleon? And you're also only able to do that for one turn, because your chameleons are put on top of the stack, and next turn it needs an extra click to draw them both with laguna...? I can definitely see some combos here, but I still can't see how everything fits together :p