Need vs. Greed - Chicago Cache Refresh 1st Place

Brototurret 564

So this is the Cache Refresh deck that took me to win the Cache Refresh Tournament at the Chicago Regionals. This deck went 3-0 , and I won the finals game despite bidding 5 to play my runner. I knew that my Los deck would win me the tournament , but my corp (Sync) might not. Starting with 3 cards and 2 credits was fine if I had a Temujin in my starting hand , and I did. Thanks Los !

As it turns out , Magnum is pretty awesome in this format (who knew?). I wanted to make sure to have a deck that could pressure early and cause the corp to have to slow down , eventually flooding their hand with agendas that they can't flush away because there is no Jackson Howard in the format. A tempo deck is exactly what I wanted , with a strong early game , but could also have a long game against decks that relied on tag punishment as their main win condition (Boom , Scorched , Closed accounts , etc).

So my solution was to go for MOpus , but also be able to burst up very quickly with Temujin. That put me into criminal instantly (6 influence for 2x opus , or 9 influence for 3x Temu ?).

Los was an easy choice in criminal. You get paid to check ice , you get paid to play forged activation orders , and you will generally make your money back from playing a Spear Phishing/Inside Job. Los's ID was incredibly relevant all day.

Rosetta 2.0 impressed me A LOT when I played it. I only used the ability 3 times in 3 games (twice in my last round game) , but all three times it did something AMAZINGLY GOOD for me. My 2nd game with this deck , my opponent hunter seeker'ed my MOpus away , only to have me install a tapwrm (and he was on 4 credits so he wasn't going to purge) and use it to get my other copy of opus. The final game , I ditched a Mammon to it to get my MOpus after my first temujin became locked out (and I had bypass and another Mammon in hand). Then later ditched that MOpus to get my last breaker I needed to complete my rig after I drew into my other copy of MOpus. It was super powerful every time I used it. Card is good , guys.

Gauntlet won me games too. Naturally , in Cache Refresh agendas are going to pool in HQ more and corps are going to ice HQ harder than they normally would because of this. Doubly so because they're playing against criminal. Double iced HQ = Legwork each time I went in , and that's pretty damn good.

Despite all this , Forged Activation Orders was the best card in my deck that wasn't an economy card. All the information , and great econ denial as well. I even Same Old Thing'ed a FAO over a siphon in a game , because I didn't need money and didn't want to take a tempo hit of clearing tags. FAO did the same job that siphon would have.

Remaining influence went to card draw. Rather than Diesel , I wanted deuces for the flexibility. The expose/run mode is great with Los , because if you force them to rez a non-punishing ice , his ability pays for the Deuces. Deuces expose plus FAO is also pretty nice , and can spot remove ice/pressure the corp's credits. Build Script is a card I've panned in regular netrunner , and I still think it's bad in that format , but it's very playable in Cache Refresh , especially being in criminal with NO good card draw options. I never regretted playing this card , and I always wanted to play it when I got it. It's not bad at all. Just don't play Process Automation , as cards are way better than credits. Build Script is the right choice.

Anyways.. the deck should curve out to be : Temu for early money into a Mammon for early pressure. If you get Rosetta , and get some ice rezzed , you can turn the Mammon into the most relevant breaker you need at a nice discount. Any further Mammons can be ditched to Rosetta as well. Special Order helps the deck get what it needs if you don't draw into Rosetta. Play the tempo game until you're set up with MOpus and breakers , then remote snipe/pressure HQ until you close out. Aaron is your only protection against Tags/Boom. If you're matched up against NBN or Weyland , then always keep 2 counters on Aaron to deal with Boom/Scorched. If they do MCA Aaron , make sure you're richer than the corp so you don't get Hard Hitting News'd/SEA Scorched after you off him to MCA. If you match up against HB , let them score first (as long as it's not an Elective Upgrade) , and Siphon them into the ground. Forged Activate ice after a siphon to cull their board a bit and go nuts on HQ. If you're paired up on Jinteki , laugh a little bit on the inside as Jinteki is borderline unplayable in Cache Refresh without going all-in on Mushin Shell Games. If they are that , win out of central accesses.

This deck is pretty sweet , and could actually be a REAL deck someday when RIP Deal comes out. It's 2014 aggro crim , but with a bucket of money and some real tutoring. How does that NOT sound awesome ?!

EDIT : Oh.. and before anyone says anything. The reason why I'm not spending that 1 influence on upgrading a corroder into a paperclip is because I'm dumb.

I originally had 1x Rosetta and 3x Build Script. After some thought , I wanted two Rosetta , but didn't know what to cut , so I said "fuck it" and cut a build script (as cutting draw for more tutoring seemed logical). After that , I just didn't make the swap because I'm stupid and didn't factor in the influence gain from the cut.

29 May 2017 bluebird503

There was a cache refresh last weekend at Seattle won by Noah Podo. No time zone differences :D

29 May 2017 Brototurret

God damn it ... lol... Oh well.

29 May 2017 bluebird503

You still won a Cache Refresh and got a sweet mat, so congrats :D

7 Aug 2017 stoppableforce

And now, deck necromancy (decromancy?). @Brototurret: thanks for letting me flip through the current version of this at Louisville. I recall that you had put in some Leave No Traces and Rip Deals - was there anything else I missed? I couldn't remember if you had Keros or not (but he seems pretty low impact anyway) and didn't study it long enough to figure out the differences.

You also said at one point you made this deck a standard format deck rather than CR and it did pretty well - what kind of changes did you make there?