Barney’s Restructured Databoom! (undefeated Billings, MT)

jase2224 311

This is my corp deck that I took to the Billings, MT regional championship at KAB Sports Cards & Collectables. It went undefeated Swiss, an ID loss for the fourth round, and undefeated in the cut. I want to give another thanks to the MT netrunner players for being awesome hosts and for the fun games during the event! Another big thanks to Aaron for driving Alexis and I up from Denver to attend the event as well as props to them for providing the equipment and commentary during the live stream (available here:

After the Store Championship season, we didn’t have any tournaments in Colorado until the TD release events. One of those events was at the Wizard’s Chest in Denver, which is where I came to my initial ID and deck solutions for the regional. I wasn’t sure on a corp deck and Ryan shared his SYNC deck that had been testing well and I took to a small GNK event at Total Escape Games on 05/13/2017. The deck did good, but seemed too reliant on psycho Beale and then I saw djkokakola’s Alberta regional winning decklist. Based on comments for that list and my own testing, I decided to cut the reversed accounts, add in hades fragment due to the return of DLR Andy in other regional lists, and as well as some refinement to ICE suite and operations. I was very happy with the final changes in testing and this deck carried me through the day. Most of the slots are pretty set with the only change available being a 2 influence Weyland card. sapper was in the original builds of this deck, but I never saw it in testing so I swapped it for Colossus which doubles as taxing sentry ICE and a painful face check. I never advanced it, but in discussion with Aaron who used it in his Titan deck we agreed that most runners just avoided the server with a rezzed Colossus.


R1 – Alex with Andy. As it is with Andy, he had a lot of money early. However, after he had his rig set-up and making a run he ended his turn with 2 credits. I consulting visit into HHN, going down to 2 credits, then spend the next turn clicking for credits so I can close the game with boom!

R2 – Aaron with Matt’s version of LeeMaw that is very close to mine. The fact that we drove up together and know what each deck made for some fun games, but after my Leela couldn’t find Maw or medium he scored out with the Atlas train. While I didn’t enjoy killing Leela, she had some HHN and exploded (boom!) because of the bad press.

R3 – Jeremy with Andy. Again, rich Criminals are interesting to play against. Eventually, I could get enough credits to repeat my actions from the first two rounds.

R4 – Koby is at 17 points with RP and Andy. I’ve got 15 points and 3 or 4 other players had 12 points so we both do IDs securing us for the cut to top 4 and both agree to have the runners “win.” Aaron swept his last round to put him at 5th place, bump Alexis to 6th place, and boosting my SoS to 2nd seed in Swiss.

Cut: Going all the way to Montana, we had no idea what the meta would be (except Rick who predicted Jinteki would be strong) and the cut is all Criminal runners with 2 Leela and 2 Andy. The corps are my SYNC, 2 RP, and 1 Biotech.

John was the SC winner at KAB and had Leela and the Biotech. Since I hadn’t played him in Swiss, I didn’t know what to expect. However, my SYNC deck had managed to already kill (boom!) two Andy and a Leela in Swiss so I decided to corp first. Mark runs into HHN territory and I’m able to add another Leela to my collection of crispy runners for the day. After our game, I said I hoped to see Leela win a Regional Championship, of course referring to either of us winning the day.

Koby won his match as RP against a DLR Andy and now I am on deck with Leela to stream for everyone’s entertainment. I installed Aaron and dirty laundry into R&D into a Future Perfect. Stealing the agenda with bids of zero and then installing tapwrm. After gaining some money and cards, I install mongoose and R&D hitting a fetal AI on the top of R&D. I get medium going, but after paying for two runs R&D go down to zero credits. Eventually, Koby installs and scores a philotic leaving a flooded HQ open. I use dirty laundry to run HQ with only two credits left. We both bid one and I win.

Mark’s biotech won on time against DLR Andy by Mark and eventually lures Koby into a mushin’d junebug. Since Mark had played as corp twice and was 1 for each side, we had a rematch for the grand finals. With Mark knowing the type of SYNC deck I was running he takes time to set-up and I score a restructured datapool. He drops magnum opus and I start mentally preparing to play Leela. However, after Mark used mobius and had to get through my tollbooth, data raven, and news hound protecting R&D, which caused him to hit tollbooth after scoring a priority requisition since he did the second run. Eventually, I could have Mark get 1 tag, play closed accounts, and then use Barney for restructure. Then with Mark at 1 tag, RD gave the second tag with click 1 and then click, click boom! for an undefeated SYNC deck and win for the regional.

The day was a lot of fun, all the MT players were great, and the event was just an overall great day of netrunner!