Swiss Ken (40th at Euros)

Saintis 333

Came 40th in Euros (and top Ken that I know of).

Decklist kindly provided by Yannick (qvm) from Switzerland (hence the name). Only runs 2 Desperados because I don't have the 3rd.

Went 5/10 over the two days. Lost to a Mooninites, a PE, two SYNC, and an ETF FA. Beat an ETF Glacier, a The Foundry on Brainstorm-Twins, a Palana, and two SYNC (I think...).

Indexing won or lost you the game. Möbius gave me some value runs. Cheeky Interdiction was also great for landing Siphons or Legworks or getting into the remote.

Lacks draw to get the cards you want though, usual Crim problems.

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