Little "Coop" Garden - Cache Refresh 5/0

Kelfecil 1786

Undefeated 5 wins, 0 losses in the Sunday Cache Refresh side event of the European Champs. PILOTED BY MICHAEL GABRIEL COOP.

So here's the story... On Saturday (Day 2 of Euros), Coop stopped me while walking past me and told me "make me a deck tonight and I will play it tomorrow! has to be Nisei!"

So, I got back to the AirBnB flat that I was staying at around 11:30 and after 1 minute of looking at the cards of Terminal Directive and the last 2 Cycles, I made a deck in the next minute with a bunch of stuff that I thought would work just fine in the format. After putting the 10 influence on SEA Source and the x2 Scorches though, I was left with 5 to use and I thought for a couple seconds..."hmmm, K.P.Lynn with Prisec sounds good." So the Little "Coop" Garden was born. Also, -1 Influence, because we cool like that.

Congrats to Coop for piloting it so expertly and winning all the games of course! You da man! :D

Side note: I had a blast at the Cache Refresh and although I went 7/3 myself, I saw so many people playing my CR decks and so many came to talk to me about them (or just yell at me for having to play against them!) Thank you all so much for the games, the chats and all the good fun. I'll most defo make an extra paragraph for that in my report with my Euros decks.

5 Jun 2017 moistloaf

Seems like a great format for deck building rogues like yourself to flourish in (:

5 Jun 2017 cursor

Nice to see the list. Pleasure to meet you at Euros, good sir. What

5 Jun 2017 cursor

*What were the wins, score or flatline? The flatline out seems nigh impossible in a meta where everyone is playing Aaron and there's no MCA Informant. I almost took a PU list with Cerebral-Scorch but figured it would be too easy for the runner to take and remove the tag. And doesn't MHC make the flatline much more difficult?

5 Jun 2017 Kelfecil

I think Coop said that he had a couple flatlines and a lot of score outs, since people were too scared to run and there were far too many upgrades (Prisec+K.P. Lynn) to run there just for a score, since they would die the next turn.

Mental Health Clinic is the best value you will ever see when you play Komainu. Overdrawing and trying to be at max hand size just to "be safe" can be so damaging some times. It is mostly for the Komainu and for easy drip economy though.