Clairvoyant Breaker Removal Service (56th at Euros)

laneford 210

"Click one Salems Hospitality for.... Account Siphon"

Psychic Karen

A typically last minute hungover deckbuilding choice from myself. Went with Midseasons Boom! to add a 3rd wincon but it served little more than a deterrent once seen out of R&D or HQ so I would remove.

The deck needs Ark Lockdown something chronic, and better defence against Eater / Keyhole. The IP Block should be wraparound but I'm dumb and played a tracer in a deck that gleefully dishes out Bad Publicity. If you can cram Ibrahim Salem in you're a hero.

Went 7-3 over the two days. Always fire Salem's Hospitality if it's in your opening hand. Remember that Batty is for wimps.


5 Jun 2017 emilyspine

YESSSSS LANE. Confirmed best runner in RLC.