AG - Cake or Death?

andr31 201


Fun deck which is guaranteed not to win all your matchups.

Main score (if no AI out there): Create Server with small ice in position 0 and Excalibur in position 1. Install agenda, Excalibur fires, use AG ability on small ice. (you can continue to use Excalibur, if you scored a Nisei MK II). Sprinkle some Clones are not People if you have a click left.

Alternate win (if no AI out there): Mushin on agenda, FIHP to intall 2 ice (either from Archives, either via AAL, either combined). The ice can be big, if you can support it with money, or the ice combo from Main win.

You can go nuts with the cake or death tactic by Mushin No Shin on everything in your deck and if they don't bite, just make loads of money from Back Channels.

And if the Nisei sisters don't deliver, just use Caprice, but I would recommend that you use her mainly on HQ. Siphon seems quite popular nowadays.

And don't forget, they will always appreciate when you use your ability to direct them on a rezzed Chiyashy

6 Jun 2017 Jose-san

"the two Nisei sisters" I believe :)

6 Jun 2017 andr31

I was actually referring to the twins in the Nisei MK II. I believe they are inspired by the Minority Report pre-coga and those were two brothers and one sister (Caprice). I may be wrong, but that's why I said brothers.

6 Jun 2017 Jose-san

The picture is inspired in the Minority Report's precogs, that's for sure. But here they're are all females (they are clones). If you look the pic, they are covering their breasts with their hands. They are Caprice's sisters. Chairman Hiro uses them as leverage to control Caprice in her functions as NAPD officer :)

7 Jun 2017 andr31

Indeed, I have amended my text ;) thx