Parasitic Oscillation - Cache Refresh

porfyalum 32

Before coming to the EU championships I had prepared a Smoke and a Door2Door deck for the cache refresh side events, but then I realized almost everyone would be playing similar lists because Kefecil had posted 2 of them here and almost noone felt like experimenting. To heck with that, I though, and then made a Steve and a PU to try new stuff.

There were some cache refresh pods in day 2 as well, so I got to try my new creations, and they performed quite well, besides the PU flooding all the time (luckily noone ran my archives fearing the shocks that were not even in the card pool. xD). But at the end of the day it had stuck in my mind that I should try and make a Ice Destruction Anarch. first though was Kim, Eater and cutlery, but Creation and Control is such a good big box using order and chaos felt so limiting.

So I fall asleep and then wake up and this monstrosity lies in my head. I show up at the expo show it to a few friends and everyone was going "build it, build it now", and I am so happy I did.

My corp deck ended up failing horribly (I tried a FA HB, and it sucked) but this if nothing else gave me some of the most fun games of netrunner I've ever had. Yes you only have 3 different viruses with this pool, but they are the best viruses this game has. Plus shadow net-ing a news team to deja vu 2 parasites to kill another data raven feels so good.

Best game of the day was the match I lost against krystman. I know he was about to score an agenda but I let it go and try to set up thinking "what is the worse that can happen" and it turned out it was a Paper Trail and I lose 2 full Daily Casts and a Pro-Co. So there I am broke, with no engine and only a datasucker on board. But he had an archangel down. It took a good 10-15 mills from the same datasucker bouncing up and down until he managed to to find a friends in high places to install a milled piece of ICE to overwrite his archangel. And a couple more minutes for both of us to stop laughing after that. :D

The deck works decently well I am sure with some fine-tuning it can become a beast, Noise + parasite is so powerful in a world without Jackson.

11 Jul 2017 scd

That Datasucker/Archangel thing is pretty hilarious. How useful was The Archivist? That seems the one slot I'd be most inclined to replace.