What's a Grilled Cheese? (3rd at FFG regionals)

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So heading into the regional season I wanted a deck that would beat Siphon Whizzard and Andromeda, because I felt like they both had the excellent moons matchups. After a bunch of screwing around with different NBN glacier ID’s I decided to play Blue Sun on a lark. With the lack of d4vid and Sifr abound you could play big high strength ice, and score out. I played Blue Sun glacier to a store champ win at 2016 store champs so I decided why not, fuck it. Did a bunch of testing with my friend Chris and we came up with this.

My Andy list I played as well is here:

I’ll just get into some card choices before I do a tournament report:

Paywall: Current to clear Employee Strike and helps you bounce back money wise when you have a rough start.

Veritas: Taxing sentry against Anarch and Crim that’s good early to mid.

Wormhole: MVP ice. 7 for crim, 9 for black orchestra, Yog hates it, so does chameleon.

Bulwark: Honestly it was just another big fuck off barrier that I could rez on rnd to keep shapers/anarch out. The bad pub wasn’t a big issue, and the ai clause can often make you money back fast.

3x Crisium: Play 3 copies of this card. So much siphon and eater and keyhole floating around.

The tournament was 4 rounds with a top 8 cut, as we were 3 people short of 5 rounds. 31 players attended.

Round 1: Bye 2-0 I had a bye coming from an earlier store champ win. I watched spags play a weird code gate skorp deck and my friend marcus have a nailbiter Sync game.

Round 2: Nice dude with End the Run shirt? (Skorp/Steve) 3-1

I mulligan into four agendas and one wormhole. Mandatory draw into a 5th agenda. I ice HQ and pray. Next turn is draw two more agendas and finally Jackson. By the third turn I had Jackson drew into a the rest of the agendas in my deck and a second Jackson. He scored 4 points off some points I had to pitch after the second turn so I was down 0-4. I crawled my way back up to 4 points with a gfi in the remote, but he runs HQ to score the win, as he had picked up 2 more points in the midgame. I wish I hadn’t drawn all my agendas early as I locked him out in the mid to late game, but that’s how the cookie crumbles.

Round 3: Spags (Replicating Perfection/Whizzard) 4-2

I wanted a sweep here, but I also knew Spags was an incredible player and it was going to be difficult to beat him once, let alone twice. After my Andy lost I was a little shaken until he put Whizzard down on the table. He has a shitty draw with no econ while I get a turn one oversight. I push out agendas while he can’t find his singleton d4vid in the bottom 10 cards of his deck. I could tell he was frustrated because he couldn’t find his employee strikes or d4vid and I did feel I kind of lucksacked him here.

Round 4 Andrew (Cranked on slack. Replicating Perfection/Whizzard) 6-2

We agreed to lifeboat because we both thought no 5-3’s were going to make the cut. On the coinflip I got to play Blue sun versus Whizzard, which I was incredibly lucky to get. I have an average start until he scores a 2 pointer out of a random HQ access. I decide to push for sales team in a one ice remote until he surprises me with a breaker with hand and mad dashes the remote, getting up to 5. Shit. I proceed to lock him out with 3 ice HQ, 3 ice RnD and 3 ice remote. He took out rumor mill for a d4vid that he keeps recurring but I lean hard on caprice to get to 5. He’s in a rough spot because he was on keyhole siphon eater and I had crisium on RnD AND HQ. He decides to same old fork HQ and blows up a colossus and keeps going and gets an Mkultra to break the second one, and breaks my spiderweb. I had 4 agendas in hand and he went to access, but forgot he used eater. With him being at one credit I immediately installed a GFI and advanced twice. He couldn’t break any ice, and I won. Great game, and great opponent.

After swiss I was sixth going into the cut, and my friend Marcus had made 8th. 2 of the 3 Winnipeggers had made cut, and we were really excited.

Cut round 1: Elwood (CI and Hayley)

He decided to play Andy versus CI, as he didn’t feel his lock Hayley could beat my Blue Sun. Luckily my Andy was teched for CI and I won.

Cut round 2: Sam (Blue sun and Kit)

We played Kit versus Blue Sun on a coin flip. I had no idea what to expect but I soon recognized it was noob kit with updates. He had some fast setup while I tried to push for early agendas behind a spider web and colossus. He surprised me with a stimhack when I thought he was broke and scored an early agenda and followed it up with a bunch of RnD digs. Eventually I got to 4 while he was on 6. I got caprice in the remote and bounced my HQ to finance my win as I install advance advanced a GFI. I felt pretty safe from legwork as I had no agendas in hand. He proceeds to magnum opus twice and vamp me, and the run the remote. I did not know it ran vamp! He then later said “Yeah, Vamp is my only caprice tech” which I got a laugh out of. Great guy, great game.

Cut round 3: Melvin (Gh0st_b1rd on slack, CI and Kit)

We played Kit versus Blue Sun on the coin flip. I felt like I had a bit more matchup familiarity and moved my ice around more and played more positionally against inverstificator He stimhacked an oversight Ai’d orion but didn’t have enough money to get his breaker + break so I trashed his magnum opus. This gave me the tempo to push for more agendas and eventually score out.

Cut round 4: Elwood (CI and Hayley)

We played Andy versus CI on the coinflip again. I drew a lucky opening hand of 3 employee strike 1 career fair 1 temujin and 4 other cards. He couldn’t handle 3 employee strikes and I medium dug/legworked for the win. I think I’m good at the CI matchup but I completely lucksacked my way into a win here.

Cut round 5: Marcus (Marcus on slack, Sync and Ayla)

We coinfliped for Sync versus Andy. I drove down with Marcus from Winnipeg and had played this matchup a few times the night before. Marcus plays this deck really well and is just incredible at it. I got a lot of accesses in HQ but he was able to dump his hand or score them before I stole them. Eventually he assembled the kill combo and I didn’t spend enough time digging for plasacrete to save myself. I probably should of.

And with that I was out of cut! I just wanted to give a shout out to a bunch of the ppl I met during the weekend:

Tundinator: Awesome conversations, wrecked me with a sweet Adam combo Friday night and just an awesome dude.

Spags: Sold me dice, super nice and was happy to see him again after KoS

Cranked: Met him for the first time. Great guy, fun games and was polite enough to lifeboat with me,.

Melvin: Funny, relaxed and took us out for great noodles.

Bizthedad: Nice, great player and had a great dinner with him.

Marcus and Dragoonkin: The jokes, the car rides, the music, listening to beastie boys at 11 PM driving on the MN freeway, playing Netrunner at 2 AM and losing a ton, the ruses, the close games, the knockouts, the food and the conversations about how good/bad shaper is. What a great experience guys.

If you have any questions, hit me up on Slack. I’m Whiteblade111

19 Jun 2017 Wet Toastie

What is a grilled cheese?! Nice list and write up :)