Confuse Everyone (Grail Manta Grid) - 1st at Philly Regional

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This is the corp deck I piloted to win Philly regionals.

Path to victory:

-BYE from SC win
-Win vs Hayley Lock
-Win vs Nexus Kate
-ID (Played a game for fun vs the opponent I would have played. Win vs Hayley Lock)

-Win vs Temujin Whizzard
-Loss vs Hayley Lock


I was gonna play Grail ITD. But in testing the week before I hit nothing but DLR andy and siphon spam nonsense. So with 1 day of testing left I said 'Fuck it!' and just threw the first version of this together. Played 2 games on my smurf for JNet, and got slight ideas on what to change. Play 2 more games vs my girlfriend and decided the deck was fine enough and shrugged. So 4 games testing before Philly if I recall correctly. :thinking_ezreal:


Play never advance. The ice is notably taxing. 3x Biotic to close out games, to have play vs DLR andy which is literally all I saw on JNet during testing so... yeah. UVLC and Cybernetics court is combo with Grail, and lets you speed along. Less assets so decks teched vs Moons will be less effective here.

Why 'xxx' card choice?:

-Grail in general: Good vs anarch early, can possibly catch people and smash them into a really shitty board state. I wanted to play UVLC and between that and Cybernetics court, its combo... ish... or synergy. Whatever. I expected a lot of DLR andy and siphon whizz, which both don't run parasite. So cheap 3 sub ice? I'm down.

-Eli 2: It was a Tapestry in version one. I liked the draw, but wanted another ETR. What ETRs and draws a card? Hmm... Hate on it all you like, I just like Eli 2. It gets undeserved hate. This deck likes draw, so it has a place.

-Lack of Adonis: UVLC took its slots. I assumed more anti-asset tech because of Moons, so I just didn't care. Seems fine regardless since I get plenty of money from ETF and UVLC is a +4/5 swing based on EStrike.

-Lack of Moons: I am a Netrunner Hipster. You all are playing it, so I just didn't care to include it. I think UVLC is cooler, so I focused on that instead. Whatever. Probably a better call for this, but need to change other cards to have more install-ables.

-Manta Grid: It's a fun card. Free clicks vs Keyhole decks. Notable tax if you aren't Whizzard. Great combo with Ash. Forces a trash if you install behidn FC3 and they click it. But mainly its just fun and I thought it would catch people off. Which it did in swiss... didn't get a chance in the cut though.

-CVS: Anti clot if they don't get Sac Cons in time. Anti Medium.

-Lack of FIHP: Chose CVS instead. 100% a good card for this list though.

Cards to cut if you wanna change stuff:

Manta Grid (both)
Biotic (1x)
UVLC (1x)
Cybernetics court (1x)
Eli 2

Have fun. Its not Moons. I like actually making a remote and playing netrunner. =\ Shrug.

20 Jun 2017 pspacekitten

thank you

22 Jun 2017 AkAnderson

I like making remotes too! Forget Moon. Grats on your finish!

27 Jun 2017 dormio

FYI, there's no "L" in "UVC" :-P

27 Jun 2017 saetzero

i like UltraViolet Level Clearance